September 19, 2022
Yale’s Medical Historical Library is delighted to offer our newest online exhibition, “Natural Interactions in the Book as Art and Making Knowledge.” The digital exhibition,...
September 8, 2022
Please see Yale Daily News article here.
June 7, 2022
Mohit Manohar (Ph.D. 2022) has been appointed a Provost’s Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Art History at the University of Chicago. He currently holds an Andrew W....
Kaligotla book cover photo
March 23, 2022
Professor Subhashini Kaligotla’s forthcoming book wins grants from CAA’s Millard Meiss Publication Fund and the Ludo and Rosane Rocher Foundation for the...
Rober Farris Thompson
December 21, 2021
From Bárbaro Martinez-Ruiz, Tanner-Opperman Chair of African Art History in Honor of Roy Sieber Indiana University and  Research Associate / Institute of Social and Cultural...
Robert Farris Thompson
December 1, 2021
Thompson was professor emeritus of African American studies and the former Colonel John Trumbull Professor of the History of Art at Yale. For more than half a century on Yale...
November 11, 2021
Please see Yale News article here.