Averbach Leading Virtual Art Tour
December 21, 2022
Art is key to a person’s overall well-being. Julie Averbach, a 2022 Yale graduate who majored in History of Art, led a research study that supports this notion. Last...
November 7, 2022
Please find the New Haven Independent article here. Please find the Arts Paper article here.
Panel from left to right: Joanna Fiduccia, Anne Wagner, and Jordan Troeller. (photo by Sarah Hamill)
October 21, 2022
What is the relevance of the human and humanism in 20th-century sculpture? Scholars from around the world grappled with that question at “Surrogates: Embodied Histories of...
October 19, 2022
Students in the fall seminar “Early Modern Media,” co-taught by Professor Bass (HSAR) and Professor Peters (ENGL & FILM) recently spent a day at the Museum of Fine Arts,...
October 11, 2022
Please see Yale News article by Susan Gonzalez here.
October 4, 2022
This essay by Prof. Edward S. Cooke, Jr on the Princeton University Press can be found here.