Contacts by Field of Study

For questions on graduate life you may be in touch with the following students:

African-American Studies (joint program)
Erich Kessel, Jr. (2nd year)

American Art
Andrew Gelfand (1st year)
Tess Korobkin (7th year)
Nicole Bass Williams (7th year)
Kate Phillips (4th year)
Colin Young (2nd year)

American Decorative Arts and Material Culture
Ruth Dibble (7th year)
Philippe Halbert (3rd year)
Lily Higgins (3rd year)
Cynthia Kok (2nd year)

Ancient Art and Architecture
Asia Del Bonis-O’Donnell (3rd year)
Soffia Gunnarsdottir (2nd year)

British Art
Tara Contractor (3rd year)
Victoria Hepburn (2nd year)
Gavi Levy Haskell (1st year)
Sophie Lynford (5th year)
Christine Olson (4th year)
Judith Stapleton (3rd year)
Pierre Von-Ow (1st year) 

Early Modern (Renaissance and Baroque) Art and Architecture
Christine Brandner (5th year)
Justin Brown (1st year) 
Sara Frier (5th year)
Christopher Platts (7th year)
Shweta Raghu (2nd year)
Sarah Ana Seligman (2nd year)

East Asian Art
Yong Cho (5th year)
Sam Luterbacher (5th year)

Eighteenth and Nineteenth-Century Art
Alexandra Morrison (6th year)
Emily Sessions (5th year)
Nicholas Robbins (4th year)
Shirlynn Sham (4th year)

Film and Media Studies (joint program)
Mallory Ahern (7th year)
Swagato Chakravorty (4th year)
Jenny Tang (4th year)
Kirsty Dootson (5th year)
Maxfield Fulton (2nd year)
Andrew Vielkind (5th year)
Xueli Wang (1st year) 

Islamic Art
Yagnaseni Datta (1st year)
Shabnam Rahimi-Golkhandam (6th year)
Selin Unluonen (4th year)

Medieval (Byzantine and Western) Art
Magdalene Breidenthal (8th year)
Ariel Fein (4th year)
Chelsea Connelly (2nd year)
Alexander Coyle (5th year)
Anabelle Gambert-Jouan (3rd year)
Evan Freeman (6th year)
Michelle Oing (5th year)
Kristina Potuckova (2nd year)
Nicole Paxton Sullo (7th year)
Katherine Werwie (2nd year)

Modern and Contemporary Art
Barbora Bartunkova (3rd year)
Nicole Demby (6th year)
Rebecca Straub (3rd year)
Lucy Hunter (5th year)
Mia Kang (1st year)
Laura Phillips (6th year)
Sam Sackeroff (6th year)
Audrey Sands (6th year)
Caitlin Woolsey (5th year)

Modern Architecture
Sara Jones (1st year)

Audrey Sands (6th year)

Renaissance Studies (joint program)
Jakub Koguciuk (6th year)

South Asian Art
Mohit Manohar (3rd year)