PDF of Completed Dissertations from 1942-Present


As of June 2019

Bartunkova, Barbora, “Between East and West: Toyen and Adolf Hoffmeister” (Yale University, C. Armstrong)

Brandner, Christine, “Addressing Another Body in Jean-Etienne Liotard’s Portraiture” (Yale University, N. Suthor)

Chakravorty, Swagato, “Displaced Cinema: Moving Images and the Politics of Location in Contemporary Art” (Yale University, C. Buckley, F. Casetti)

Cho, Yong, “Approaches to Materiality and Flatness: Mongol Imperial Patronage of Buddhist Art in Yuan China (1279-1368)” (Yale University, M. Yiengpruksawan)

Connelly, Chelsea Alice, “The Book in Early Byzantium” (Yale University, R. Nelson)

Contractor, Tara, “British Gilt: Gold in Painting 1790-1914” (Yale University, T. Barringer)

Coyle, Alexander, “Frame and Format between Byzantium and Central Italy, 1200-1300” (Yale University, R. Nelson)

Dechant, D. Lyle. ” ‘daz wir ein ander vinden fro’: Readers and Performers of the Codex Manesse” (Yale University, J. Jung)

Del Bonis-O’Donnell, Asia, “Trees and the Visualization of kosmos in Archaic and Classical Athenian Art” (Yale University, M. Gaifman)

Demby, Nicole, “The Diplomatic Image: Framing Art and Internationalism, 1945-1960” (Yale University, K. Mercer)

Dibble, Rebecca, “Making the War: Sentimentality and Materiality in the American Civil War” (Yale University, E. Cooke, Jr.)

Fein, Ariel, “The Most Wondrous of Man-Made Works”: George of Antoch’s Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio and the Arab-Christian Community of Norman Sicily” (Yale University, R. Nelson)

Frier, Sara, “Unbearable Witness: The Disfigured Body in the Northern European Brief (1500-1620)” (Yale University, N. Suthor)

Fulton, Maxfield, “The Melodramatic Unconscious: The Cinematic Afterlife of Fin de Siècle Vienna” (Yale University, N. Suthor)

Gambert-Jouan, Anabelle, “Sculpture Groups of the Descent from the Cross in Medieval Italy and Iberia” (Yale University, J. Jung)

Gass, Izabel, “Painted Thanatologies: Théodore Géricault Against the Aesthetics of Life” (Yale University, C. Armstrong)

Gunnarsdottir, Soffia, “(Re)creating the Divine: The material Theology of Athenian Pottery” (Yale University, M. Gaifman)

Halbert, Philippe, “Louisiana Purchases: Buying Respectability and Fashioning Identity in Colonial New Orleans” (Yale University, E. Cooke, Jr.)

Hepburn, Victoria, “William Bell Scott’s Victorian Art Worlds” (Yale University, T. Barringer)

Higgins, Lily, “Reading into Things: Articulate Objects in Colonial North America, 1650-1783” (Yale University, E. Cooke, Jr.)

Hunter, Lucy, “A Behavioral Theory of the Artist in Residence” (Yale University, T. Barringer, JD Connor)

Kessel, Erich, “Blackness as a Site of Late Capitalist Aesthetic Productivity” (Yale University, K. Mercer)

Koguciuk, Jakub, “The Pastoral Book as a Visual Object: Nature in Poetry, Print and Illumination in the Veneto, ca. 1480-1550”” (Yale University, N. Suthor)

Kok, Cynthia, “Nacreous and Keratinous Oceanic Objects in Early Modern Dutch Craft” (Yale University, E. Cooke, Jr.)

Lee, Key Jo, “Melancholic Materiality: History and the Unhealable Wound in African American Photographic Portraits, 1850-1877” (Yale University, K. Mercer)

Luterbacher, Sam, “Layovers: Japanese Export Lacquer’s Transit and Re-use across Early Modern Iberian Empires.” (Yale University, E. Cooke, Jr.)

Manohar, Mohit, “The City of Gods and Fortune: an Architectural and Urban History of Daulatabad in the Fourteenth Century” (Yale University, S. Kaligotla)

Morrison, Alexandra, “Copying at the Louvre” (Yale University, C. Armstrong)

Oing, Michelle, “The Reliquary and the Puppet: Visual and Kinetic Mimesis in Medieval and Early Modern Sculpture” (Yale University, J. Jung)

Olson, Christine, “Owen Jones and the Epistemologies of Nineteenth-Century Design” (Yale University, T. Barringer)

Phillips, Laura, “The Work of Adolph Menzel” (Yale University, T. Barringer, N. Suthor)

Phillips, Kate, “American Ephemera” (Yale University, J. Raab)

Potuckova, Kristina, “The Arts of Female Monastic Liturgy, Holy Roman Empire, 1000-1200” (Yale University, J. Jung)

Raghu, Shweta, “Costal Vision and the Negotiated Arts of the Coromandel, 1610-1798” (Yale University, E. Cooke, Jr.)

Rahimi-Golkhandan, Shabnam, “The Photograph’s Shabih-Kashi (Verisimilitude) – The Liminal Visualities of Late Qajar Art (1853-1911)” (Yale University, K. Rizvi)

Robbins, Nicholas, “Oceans of Air: Landscape and Climate in the Atlantic World, 1784-1884” (Yale University, C. Armstrong, J. Raab)

Seligman, Sarah, “Sacrifice: Ideology and Place in French Baroque Art” (Yale University, T. Barringer)

Sellati, Lillian, “When is Hercules Not Himself? An Analysis of Hercules Images on the Terrestrial Silk Route, 1st-3rd Century CE” (Yale University, M. Gaifman)

Sessions, Emily, “Fertile Terrain: Botany, Art, and Power in Cuba’s Nineteenth Century” (Yale University, E. Cooke, Jr.)

Sham, Shirlynn, “Visual Modernity and the Industrial Subterranean, 1826-1941” (Yale University, T. Barringer, J. Raab)

Situ, Xiao, “Emily Dickinson’s Window Culture, 1830-1886” (Yale University, E. Cooke, Jr, A. Nemerov)

Stapleton, Judith, “William Orpen: Modernist” (Yale University, T. Barringer)

Sullo, Nicole Paxton, “The Art of Memory in Byzantium during the Later Middle Ages” (Yale University, R. Nelson)

Tang, Jenny, “Genealogies of Confinement in Twentieth-Century American Art” (Yale University, K. Mercer)

Unluonen, Selin, “A Book with Eyes of Its Own Heart:” Court Culture in Shah Tahmasp’s Khamsa” (Yale University, K. Rizvi

Verrot, Trevor, “Sculpted Lamentation Groups in the Late Medieval Veneto” (Yale University, J. Jung)

Vielkind, Andrew, “Studio as Laboratory: Experimental Cinema and Technoscience During the Cold War Period” (Yale University, D. Andrew, C. Buckley)

Werwie, Katherine, “Visions Across the Gates: Materiality, Symbolism, and Communication in the Historiated Wooden Doors of Medieval European Churches” (Yale University, J. Jung)

Weston, Sarah, “Wild Form: Shape, Number, and the Romantic Reinvention of Space” (P. Fry, T. Barringer)

Young, Colin, “Desert Places,” (Yale University, J. Raab)