Prof. Ned Cooke wins major teaching award

January 29, 2018

Prof. Edward S. Cooke, Jr., is the winner of the College Art Association’s 2018 Distinguished Teaching of Art History Award. As Ned’s students and colleagues know, this award is appropriate recognition for the most committed, imaginative and thoughtful of teachers.  From first-year seminars, through his innovative introductory courses (such as “Global Craft”), undergraduate lectures and seminars, through to innovative graduate seminars, Ned’s work in the classroom – or, just as often, in the gallery or the furniture study room, or in situ at a historic site – has brought generations of Yale students into contact with the world of making and the richness of the material object. Ned’s research and teaching have taken him from early America to contemporary craft and design, from indigenous material culture to the arts and crafts of the Indian subcontinent and Australasia.  Ned also brings insight and generosity into shaping senior essays, and mentoring graduate students from the moment they arrive to the completion of their doctoral dissertations. His former students have gone on to positions of distinction in universities and museums across, and beyond, the USA.  The award will be presented at the Convocation of the College Art Association’s annual meeting at the Los Angeles Convention Center, on February 21st at 6pm in Room 502.