Art history is a global discipline and the Yale History of Art department is training a new generation of graduate students to break through traditional boundaries with innovative research and thinking.


The Department has been working to enhance the diversity of the faculty and student bodies as well as the undergraduate and graduate curricula. We are working hard to ensure that innovative research beyond traditional areas of study is enthusiastically supported.


Alumni can assist in this mission by sharing their expertise; stories of their own career journeys; opportunities for grants, internships and employment; information on promising potential students; perspectives on new ways to use their History of Art degree, and more.

To help with these efforts, please reach out directly to any faculty member or to our Graduate Registrar,, who will ensure that you are connected with students and faculty with cognate interests.


One of the best ways for you to stay informed about what is happening in the department is to keep your contact information, especially email, up to date so we can reach you. Here is the link to the alumni directory where you can check to see if your information is correct and, if not, to update it. You can also use the directory to search for alumni of the department, and from all of Yale as well.


Also, consider representing the History of Art Department in University alumni activities. You could apply to serve on the Graduate School Alumni Association Board or as a Yale Alumni Association At Large Delegate.


Want to connect with students from the Graduate School and network with other graduates of Yale across all schools and programs? Join Cross Campus, Yale’s free online networking, community-building, and mentoring program. Cross Campus facilitates relationships among Yale graduates — whether that’s alumni to student or alumni to young alumni.

For more information on how you can be involved with the History of Art department and our students and alumni, contact