Welcome to the graduate web site. We encourage you to explore the details of our PhD program. Here you will find answers to many of your questions. We have included information about departmental course and language requirements, faculty expertise and publications, graduate student life, and more. Please click on “Description of Graduate Studies (Red Book)” for answers to the most specialized questions regarding departmental requirements and procedures. If you should have in-depth inquiries about your field of specialization, I recommend that you contact the relevant faculty member via e-mail. If you have questions about the department generally, I encourage you to e-mail me as Director of Graduate Studies.

If interested in a campus visit, please contact individual professors in your proposed field of study directly via e-mail to arrange your own schedule. Ideally visits should take place in the fall semester. Keep in mind that there is no requirement that a successful applicant visit campus. Even complex questions can be answered via e-mail.

We hope that you enjoy perusing the material contained here. And we thank you for your interest in the Ph.D. program in the History of Art at Yale University.

Jacqueline E. Jung
Director of Graduate Studies
Tel: 203.432.2684
Loria 553

> PDF of Red Book (Full Program Description and Requirements)