Swagato Chakravorty

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Seventh Year
Joint Studies: History of Art and Film & Media Studies

Swagato Chakravorty is a Ph.D. student in History of Art and Film and Media Studies (combined) at Yale University. He works at the interstices of screen practices, screen architectures, and spectatorship. Related interests include aesthetics and the philosophy of art; institutional critique; transnational histories of film theory; modernism, modernity, and the moving image; space, architecture and (expanded) cinema. Before Yale, he completed an interdisciplinary M.A. in Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago, studying chiefly under Jennifer Wild and Tom Gunning. He hopes to pursue a dissertation focusing on architectures of projection, broadly conceived, since 1989. For 2015–16, he was a Mellon Museum Research Consortium Fellow in the Department of Media and Performance Art at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.