Royce K. Young Wolf

Royce K. Young Wolf, is a Hiraacá (Hidatsa), Nu’eta (Mandan), and Sosore (Eastern Shoshone) mother, artist, scholar, photographer, curator, spoken word poet, and language activist. She is a member of the Ih-dhi-shu-gah (Wide Ridge) Clan and is a child of the Ah-puh-gah-whi-gah (Low Cap) Clan. She is receiving her Ph.D. in Sociocultural and Linguistic Anthropology from the University of Oklahoma, with a specialization in Native American and Indigenous language and culture revitalization, survivance, and relationship (re)making. Her work prioritizes the pursuit of understanding Native American and Indigenous traditional and contemporary artforms and their representations of meaningful connections and storywork to culture, language, place, history, and people.