Mohit Manohar

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Sixth Year
South Asian Art

Mohit Manohar is studying South Asian and Islamic Art. He is writing his dissertation on the Deccani city of Daulatabad with a focus on the fourteenth century. During this century, Daulatabad changed hands in quick succession between four major dynasties–from the Yadavas to the Khiljis to the Tughluqs to the Bahmanis–and served as capital, sometimes briefly, for three of these. Mohit’s dissertation analyzes the architecture and the urban growth of this city and studies the political, mercantile, and religious networks that linked Daulatabad to other urban centers at this time. By explicating the importance of Daulatabad for understanding the linked histories of the above dynasties, Mohit’s dissertation aims to rewrite and reimagine a crucial period of early-modern South Asian history and art history.

Other areas of interest include Deccani painting, early Mughal architecture, and the architecture of colonial India. 

Mohit received his BA in Art History and Creative Writing from Princeton.