Kirsty Dootson

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Sixth Year
Joint Studies: History of Art & Film and Media Studies

Kirsty Sinclair Dootson joined the combined PhD program in History of Art, Film and Media Studies in 2012. Her work examines the relationship between art, science, industry and technology in twentieth century Britain and America. She holds a BA (2006) and MPhil (2007) in History of Art and Architecture from Cambridge University, and an MA (2011) in Film and Television Studies from Warwick University. She previously worked at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the British Film Institute and in the Film Department of the British Council. In 2013 she was appointed a Museum Research Consortium Fellow at MoMA, where she worked for twelve months in the Department of Painting and Sculpture on their forthcoming Picabia retrospective.  Her dissertation is titled: Industrial Color: Chromatic Technologies in Britain, 1856 - 1971