Daria Ricchi

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Postdoctoral Associate
Daria Ricchi holds a Ph.D. in History and Theory of Architecture from Princeton University. She is an architect and architecture historian, and she has been writing about contemporary art and architecture since 2002. Among her publications, her first book Tempi Moderni. Mecanoo and Post Mecanoo [Rome: Dedalo 2005] described Neo-modernism in the Netherlands, and her last book Diller + Scofidio. The Ciliary Function, [Milan / New York: Skira 2007] historicized the work of the New York based office.
She is interested in all forms of texts and their writerly modes, and how architecture and art enter fiction and popular culture. Her dissertation: “From Storia to History (and Back): Fiction, Literature, and Historiography in Postwar Italian Architecture,” School of Architecture, Princeton University, investigated and identified the role of architecture in historical writing and general culture. History, criticism, theory, journalism, and fiction all took architecture as their subject matter. Writing, rather than building practice, became the primary means of architectural debate and public debate.