Eminent Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art Comes To Yale

April 26, 2017

We are delighted to announce that Pamela M. Lee, currently Osgood Hooker Professor of Fine Arts at Stanford University, will join the Department as Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art, starting in July 2018. Pamela Lee has been a key figure in the transformation of the history of art in the last two decades. Her books Chronophobia, Forgetting the Art World and New Games: Postmodernism after Contemporary Art have been widely influential, and she is currently completing Think Tank Aesthetics: Mid-Century Modernism, the Cold War and the Rise of Visual Culture, a magisterial analysis of the mutual imbrication of Cold War research practices and creativity in the visual sphere. A leader in the field of modern and contemporary art, Pamela Lee is fundamentally concerned with questions of space, time and system, as manifested in the individual work of art. She addresses the relationship between technology, politics and artistic production, and chronicles the ever-shifting nature of artistic media in the post-modern world. She has been a faculty member at Stanford since 1997, where she has been advisor of almost 20 completed PhD dissertations. A renowned teacher, her innovative courses engage with theoretical and methodological issues, while placing contemporary art in global contexts.