B.A., University of Chicago
M.A., University of Chicago
Ph.D., University of Chicago
Senior Research Scholar, Yale Divinity School
OFFICE: 53 Wall Street, Rm 318
TEL: 203.432.4150

Prior to arriving at Yale in 2009, Margaret Olin was professor at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the departments of Art History, Theory and Criticism, and Visual and Critical Studies. She is the author of Forms of Representation in Alois Riegl’s Theory of Art (Penn State Press, 1992) and The Nation Without Art: Examining Modern Discourses in Jewish Art (University of Nebraska, 2001). She is also co-editor, with Robert S. Nelson, of Monuments and Memory, Made and Unmade (University of Chicago Press, 2003), and, with Steven Fine and Vivian B. Mann, co-edits the journal Images: A Journal of Jewish Art and Visual Culture. Her forthcoming Touching Photographs (University of Chicago, 2012) analyzes the tactile presence of photographs and considers photographic practices that form and shape relationships and create communities. Topics of recent essays include images of prisoners of war, the Vienna School of Art History, and the visual and spatial construction of Jewish identity. Current interests concern the history and theory of formal analysis, and the ethics of memory, visuality and space.

Selected Publications
Touching Photographs, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, forthcoming, 2012.

“The Eruv from the Talmud to Contemporary Art.” In The Cambridge World History of Religious Architecture, Jewish section edited by Steven Fine. Cambridge, New York: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming.

“‘Look at Your Fish’: Science, Modernism, and Alois Riegl’s Formal Analysis,” in Beyond Formalism: Art History and ‘Scientific’ Thought, ed. Daniel Adler and Mitchell Frank. Surrey: Ashgate Press, forthcoming.

Translation of above as “Guarda Il Tuo Pesce: Scienza, Modernismo E Pratica Formale In Alois Riegl” (forthcoing in an anthology on Alois Riegl published under the auspices of the Politecnico di Milano.), forthcoming.

“Between Two Worlds: Ghost Stories under Glass in Vienna and Chicago” (with Abigail Glogower) Studies in Contemporary Jewry 26: Jewish Museums as Contemporary Interpreters/Narrators of the Past and Present (2011), forthcoming.

“Jews Among the Peoples: Visual Archives in German Prisoner of War Camps During the Great War,” Anthropology in Wartime and War Zones, ed. Monika Sheer and Reinhard Johler. Bielefeld: Transcript Verlag, 2010, pp. 255-278.

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“Jewish Art and Our National Past Time,” Images 3 (2010): 83-101.